design at small scales

(the picture in the background is an electron microscope image showing micro/nanowrinkles on a leaf surface)


Blue spots on stingray skin: a unique natural photonic glass

Blue coloration is common in nature and most often a structural color, resulting from interaction of light with tissue nanoarchitectures. We show that the electric blue structural color on stingray skin arises from a unique intracellular core-shell photonic glass, coherently scattering blue, while broadband absorption from melanin granules in the tissue prevents the low color-saturation typical for artificial photonic glasses.

‘FSBI Small Research Grant’ to study filtration mechanics in basking sharks

Dr. Amar received ‘Small Research Grant’ from the Fisheries Society of the British Isles, UK to study fluid-structure interactions of filter structures of massive critically-endangered basking sharks at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland. This planned study will show the way basking sharks filter plankton and suspended particles – thus informing ecological biomechanics relevant for conservation of these species, as well as design features pertinent for bioinspired filters.

basking shark